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To provide screen reader friendly coding materials, the site Programming world for VI came into existence. We need your support in order to provide you excellent coding materials that may help for your academics as well as for your career.

Listen the feedback of our candidates about our courses!

Feedback of our student Bhagyavanth Reddy

Bhagyavanth Reddy Standing in the garden

Audio transcription of feedback by our student Bhagyavanth Reddy

Hi guys, I’M Bhagyavanth Reddy from Karnataka, Currently studying in 12th grade. I was part of Python course conducted by Programming World for VI 1st batch. The teacher was Harsha bro. So, By joining this course, I was able to master the Python from beginning to the advance concepts like loop and Graphical User Interface. So, If you also want to master Python and you want to learn Python from the beginner to the advance concepts, I would recommend this source to learn Python. It’s a very accessible way and very interesting way to learn Python.

Feedback of our student Athiban Vijay

Audio transcription of feedback by our student Athiban Vijay

Hello friends! This is Athiban from Koyimattur, Tamilnadu. Recently, I learnt Python programming language from Programming World for VI. It’s very useful for me. Not only me, Visually challenged people can learn easily by Programming World VI. They teaching very simple way, We can understand very easily, So I learnt many things in python, Now, I’m strong with Python basics, and I can create simple projects, Still I’m studying more things in python. I hope I’ll improve my knowledge and all and I’ll create big projects in python for people. Thank you guys.