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Harsha HD
Harsha HD

About Harsha HD and about programming world for VI

The intent of this post is to introduce you all, about the blog programming world for vi and about the blogger (Harsha HD) myself.
I welcome you all to read this post.

Myself Harsha, located at Bangalore, India.
I am a visually challenged person where that challenge is not at all a challenge for me!
My academics started from a blind school.
Now, I finished my bachelor of Computer Applications and worked as an accessibility tester for a year.
I spend my precious time usually in coding cool android apps. other than that, I’ll give my time for the following:

  • Playing cool audio games,
  • Listening to romantic musics,
  • Playing my musical keyboard,
  • Chatting with my friends.

About my dreams and about programming world for vi

Starting from my childhood, i’d aimed at learning coding of machine, learning how electronic machines works and wanted to go in the eloctronic field where in that time, most of the visually challenged people going with arts, commerce and other theoritical subjects which do not involve practical experimenting.

As you know, what we love, we need to work hard to get it. I started to study coding stuffs when i started my college studies.
Starting from that, I faced lots of failures and as well as success in my path. Where failures occured through my personal insidents and health issues and my success over came that failure with a good skills in every matter!.
Where one of the sad thing i want to express is, that, people will pull to swimming pool if we want to swim, in such scenario, die in the pool or swim and reach destinational successfully is our choice.
Finally, in that situation, i’m lucky that i overcame lots of challenges and i reached my destination.

You are still thinking, why this blog? i’ll tell it for sure! As i am one among lots of visually challenged people, I know what i faced through my favourite subjects in the graduation, the unavailability of accessible resources, unavailability of permanent volunteers, lecturers of the college unaware of our accessible environment etc.
Where a possitive thing is, availability of friends who can understand me!.
Who guided me through all the way like orientation of college environments, helping to make the resources accessible, informal chattings as usual.
You dont think another visually challenged person like me, who have the same wishes to study and achieve something in eloctronics field will face or facing same situations? As i’m there one of the friend, I am including myself to help all of them with this blog by providing accessible resources and tutorials.

Best regards,
Harsha HD.