Using command prompt with NVDA

In this tutorial, we will learn how to use command prompt with NVDA screen reader. Warning:We are not responsible of any damages occured to your PC by using wrong commands. Please be careful while executing any commands. Introduction to command prompt Command prompt is a program that will be present in every windows machines, thatContinue reading “Using command prompt with NVDA”

Introduction to python programming

Hello friends, Welcome to the python tutorial provided by programming world for VI. In this beginning tutorial, we are going to learn about following concepts: Topics in this page What is a computer program and what is programming Python and its little history Pre-requirements for the course What is a computer program and what isContinue reading “Introduction to python programming”

About programming world for VI

About Harsha HD and about programming world for VI The intent of this post is to introduce you all, about the blog programming world for vi and about the blogger (Harsha HD) myself.I welcome you all to read this post. Myself Harsha, located at Bangalore, India.I am a visually challenged person where that challenge isContinue reading “About programming world for VI”