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Hello friends, Welcome to the python tutorial provided by programming world for VI. In this beginning tutorial, we are going to learn about following concepts:

Topics in this page

What is a computer program and what is programming

What is a computer program?

A computer program is a set of instructions that uses the computer physical and virtual resources such as hardware components, input/output device, memory etc and will perform the requested operation by the user.
It involves mainly 3 operations:

  • Taking any input from input device if needed
  • Processing the result like calculating something or performing some tasks like creating/deleting file, fetching some data over the internet etc
  • Output the processed results if needed in the form of displaying on the monitor, or playing some sounds in the speaker/headphone etc

What is programming?

Programming means, you will construct a set of instructions as per the users requirement by communicating in some of the programming language and produce a useful program/application. Same like we communicate with people in English and instruct them something, and we have various languages to communicate other than English, programming also have so many languages to communicate with the computer. Among those language, python is one of the language that helps programmer to communicate with the computer to make useful programs for the users. In human language, every language has their own rules for speaking that’s ccalled as grammar. The same in computer language is called as syntax.
Think some of artificial intelligence applications that helps us in our daily lives for giving instruction to our devices such as google assistance, Siri, Alexa etc. If you instruct to open an app, it will open, it will perform some operations on an application as you instruct to it. You will instruct to those AI application in the form of human language. but, when comes to computer programming, you will instruct these by the help of programming languages by using some inbuilt functions, and syntax of language.

Python and its little history

Python is a widely used programming language,. It is used to create basic and advanced applications such as file editors, games, artificial intelligence applications, screen reader and many more!

Why you should learn python language as a beginner to the programming

Please go through the below code:

text=input("Enter any text")
print("You entered %s" % text)

As you read the code above, there are 2 lines of code, the first line takes input from the user, second line outputs the input value.
If you want to perform these operations in other programmings such as c++, c or java or any other language, it will take at least maximum of 10 lines!
So, what we can observe from this is, using python is simpler than any other languages because, it requires minimum line of code, Most of the keywords and functions in python are human friendly and who knows English, can perceive the code and can able to analyze the result.
Using python, you can make any real world programs/applications. Sky is not the limit, even if you are a visually challenged!

Little history of python

Python language came into existence by Guido Van Rhossum in the year 1991.
While he was working in development of some other language called ABC, he planned to create his own language, by thinking to solve the existing errors/bugs that were there in ABC language. While he started the development of python in the 1980’s, 1st python version came into existance in the year 1991.
He gave the name “python” to this language because, he was liking a TV comidy show appearing in BBC called Monty python’s flying circus. Since to keep his language name short and simple, he gave the name as python.

Pre-requirements for the course

Pre-requirements for going through this course are as follows:

  1. A personal computer
  2. Screen reader such as NVDA and its knowledge.
  3. Should able to work efficiently in MS office applications such as word, excel etc
  4. Python version 3 should be installed on your PC

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