Condition evaluation in python

So far, We worked with python programming language and understood that, python interpreter will process our instruction one line after the other sequentially. There is no problem in sequential execution of an instruction. But, In some programs, there are some instructions where it has to execute based on specific condition along with other instructions. UnlessContinue reading “Condition evaluation in python”

Python operators

An operator in python is a symbol or a keyword that helps to perform calculations, perform comparisons on the variables, relate between results and helps to store the calculation/comparison result within another variable. For example: first=7 second=8 result=first*second Here, first, second, result are the variables, in which first stores value 7, second stores value 8.Continue reading “Python operators”

Storing data in a python program

To accomplish or perform any calculation, we need some data in our program. That data may come from user input or we can store our own data statically by assigning a unique value like how we assign a value in MS excel cell.In python, those data are grouped into different types. Those types are givenContinue reading “Storing data in a python program”

Your first python program

We hope you installed python in your PC and you are ready to start your programming journey now.In this tutorial, we are using notepad as our editor to write the python code.After writing, we are using the python interpreter to execute/run our program. What is interpreter? An interpreter is a program that takes part ofContinue reading “Your first python program”

Downloading and installing python in windows 10

Hello all, In this tutorial, we will learn how to download and install python in our windows 10 computer. Downloading python If you want to download python via your computer browser, follow below steps: Navigate to You will be redirected to the Download page of python (“Download python –”). After that, Navigate toContinue reading “Downloading and installing python in windows 10”

Introduction to python programming

Hello friends, Welcome to the python tutorial provided by programming world for VI. In this beginning tutorial, we are going to learn about following concepts: Topics in this page What is a computer program and what is programming Python and its little history Pre-requirements for the course What is a computer program and what isContinue reading “Introduction to python programming”