Terms and conditions for our courses

If you want to take any programming course with us or presently you are undergoing any course with us, it’s mandatory to read this terms and conditions before moving further with us.

Intent of PWVI

The main intent of Programming World for VI is to enable visually impaireds in the world of coding digital devices such as personal computer, mobile devices, etc by providing accessible tutorials and materials. We are doing our best to achieve those.

Prerequirements for taking any course with us

Before taking any courses with us, make sure you have the following prerequirement materials and skills

  • You should have your own personal computer
  • You should be profficient with computer or mobile devices using screen readers
  • You should have basic computer skills such as text editing, working with spread sheets, browsing in web, how to use screen reader efeciently etc
  • You should have english communication skills, self researching skills
  • You should understand you are paying a nominal amount for the course and knowledge only and not for any certification from us. But, the advantage is that, you can utilize platforms that is quite accessible and provides scholarship and gives certification if you done any course with us.
  • If you quit course in between or after paying the course fee, it is unable to refund the amount that you paid.

Make sure you can abide to all the terms and conditions mentioned above and get benefit from us!

Wishing you all the best for your coding journey.