Python tutorial

Welcome dear all to the python programming tutorial. Before moving on with this tutorial, We request you to have full dedication and make some hardwork to learn. We are trying to provide both audio tutorials in you tube as well as accessible classes here. Please correct us if we have any mistakes from our end through the contact us form!
Thanks and all the best throughout your learning!.

Introduction to python programming

Learn about programming, introduction of python, prerequirements before you dive into python programming

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Downloading and installing python in windows 10

Learn about how to download python setup file and how to install python in your windows 10 machine

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Code your first python program

Learn about how to code your first python program and how to run that (Hello world!)

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Storing data in python program

Learn about how to store any data in your python program statically as well as dynamically taking input from user.

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Basic python operators

Learn all about interacting with the stored data by learning basic python operators

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Condition evaluation in python

Learn about making decisions within the python program (Executing set of code by evaluating specific condition)

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