Python operators

An operator in python is a symbol or a keyword that helps to perform calculations, perform comparisons on the variables, relate between results and helps to store the calculation/comparison result within another variable. For example: first=7 second=8 result=first*second Here, first, second, result are the variables, in which first stores value 7, second stores value 8.Continue reading “Python operators”

Storing data in a python program

To accomplish or perform any calculation, we need some data in our program. That data may come from user input or we can store our own data statically by assigning a unique value like how we assign a value in MS excel cell.In python, those data are grouped into different types. Those types are givenContinue reading “Storing data in a python program”

Your first python program

We hope you installed python in your PC and you are ready to start your programming journey now.In this tutorial, we are using notepad as our editor to write the python code.After writing, we are using the python interpreter to execute/run our program. What is interpreter? An interpreter is a program that takes part ofContinue reading “Your first python program”

Using command prompt with NVDA

In this tutorial, we will learn how to use command prompt with NVDA screen reader. Warning:We are not responsible of any damages occured to your PC by using wrong commands. Please be careful while executing any commands. Introduction to command prompt Command prompt is a program that will be present in every windows machines, thatContinue reading “Using command prompt with NVDA”